E-Business startup for under $5 a month

Worried about the potentially high costs of starting an e-business? Stick to the basics and you will be fine. Basics mean a basic hosting plan, no-cost on-line credit card processing and using free online products. The key is to start and build upon your e-business over a period of time.

E-Business does not have to be an all or nothing proposition from the start. Would it be nice to have a completed web site in one day? Yes, but you will run into several problems; one of which being SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Search engines are looking for sites with dynamic or growing content, because that demonstrates the site is active and not just residual from a failed online business.

Start small with an e-business card and build your site. An e-business card is nothing more than a single web page that provides viewers with an overview of your business and the services you provide your customers. Take the time to create the site to reflect your business and the people operating the business. Remember, time is on your side because the Internet is not going any where soon.

The most important aspect of building any e-business web site is that you have fun! For more ideas please visit: E-Business Juncture LLC and Profitable E-business. Do not be scared to click on links for more information, because the more information you acquire the more successful your business will become.


Mikhail Kniaziewicz

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