E-Business Cards for under $50

E-Business Juncture LLC trademark is “Traditional Business Model Meets E-Commerce.” Our goal is to provide every business with an e-business card and every person with a web page on the Internet. So, whether you are looking to post your resume, an e-business card, memorial page, or just a greeting a web page will give you global exposer.

Many organizations would charge over $100 per-hour to develop the page in addition to another $40 per-month for hosting your page on their site.  .We do it all for the amazing price of $49.99 per-year!! That is an astronomical savings of $530.00 PER YEAR!!

Why do I need a web page? The answer is globalism. We need to remember that not only can others view our information, but we also have access to our information via the Internet. Imagine, no more loosing your resume or having to sending your pictures of special events to love ones in other locations. Businesses are able to advertise their location and services not only to the local community, but also to other businesses and customers elsewhere.

To obtain your personalized access to the Internet or more information on how and what you can do with your new found freedom, fill out our secure form at: https://ebusinessjuncture.com/ebusinesscards.html or email me at mikhail@ebusinessjuncture.com .

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