Goodwill Project

An excellent goodwill project for your community and e-business relationship is a unique web site. Many private schools and sporting clubs do not have their own web site. However, before setting out on this course there are a few items you should be made aware.

  1. You should purchase the domain name and hosting plan. The expense can be written off for business requirements.
  2. Be prepared to sell you ideas to the organizations involved with the project. Just because the organization does not have a web site does not mean they want one now. Push the “free” aspect and global communications with parents at work.
  3. Set up sub-domains for various organizations. The reason is so that you can add FTP capabilities to each organization’s directory, thus promoting the organization to maintain the content for their section.
  4. Use public information to get started with the project. Having a site up and ready when you want to make the sell will increase your opportunity to close the deal.
  5. Do not place self-serving advertisement on the web site. Placing adds on a page may go against the organization’s established vendors.
  6. Have fun and be conservative with your initial design. I would not “jazz” the page to the point the viewer cannot associate with the web site. Organizational colors are definitely a bonus.

These are just a few suggestions to getting your organization’s goodwill underway.

Mike Kniaziewicz, MIS

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