Your Kiosk for Profit (Part 2)

During the first post I presented an overall view of a kiosk. Now, I would like to present a little more detail starting with the PC setup.

Like I mentioned earlier, you will only need one application to run on the kiosk, a web browser. My personal preference for operating systems is Linux. The reason I like Linux is because of the granularity of the administrator control. You can install any flavor of Linux that you prefer; however, I suggest a free version. I run Gentoo Linux, Ubuntu Linux and Suse Linux Desktop Edition. Remember, all we require is a basic OS and web browser.

In regard to web browsers, I prefer FireFox. The reason is that the cost is reasonable, ($0) and the web browser is compatible with almost all operating systems. You can also set the default home page to your web site.

Once you have the base operating system and web browser installed your kiosk is almost complete. Now, we need to concern ourselves with Internet access. In this day-and-age you should have some form of DSL or at least modem access to the Internet. You should be able to configure your setup to get to the Internet. Remember, the kiosk is not only for your customers but also for you to order product and track shipping. So, many times store or business Internet access can be included as a business expense (check with your account before taking my word).

Once everything is set up you are ready to go with your own kiosk that any business would be proud to have working for their organization. Part 3 will deal with affiliate marketing.

Mikhail Kniaziewicz, MIS

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