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Create the perfect blog article

Sunday, November 30th, 2008

If you have read anything on search engine optimization (SEO), then you know the importance of having and maintaining a blog (web log). The problem arrises when you search for content for your blog. However, content management is not a problem if you adhere to the following principles:

  1. DO NOT PLAGERIZE! In other words do not steal other authors work. The legal penalties are high and may authors, myself included, only require a link back or recognition for creating the work.
  2. Ideal lenth should be 300 – 500 words. The word limit is based upon the five paragraph rule with an opening paragraph, three paragraphs for points and examples, and a conclusion.
  3. The blog should be based upon a question. Simply ask yourself a question, write the answer and expand upon the answer.
  4. Stick with your interests. Blogging is not about hitting the entire popullation, but sticking to your targetted reader. Sticking with your interests makes for easy content creation.
  5. Write your blog initially with a text editor. Text editors include spell checking features.
  6. Sleep on it for a day. Do not post your blog on the same day you write the article, because what appears to be clear today may seem silly tomorrow. You will also catch many of your gramatical errors upon re-reading the article.
  7. Use a plagerization checker. This goes back to item number one. Give the author credit when credit is due.
  8. Enjoy yourself while writing. Do not sit down with the goal of producing 10 blogs in a single sitting, because that is unrealistic. Take a pen and paper with you throughout your day and jot down ideas for articles. TRUST ME THIS WORKS!

Enjoy your blogging experiences,

Mike Kniaziewicz, MISĀ