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Quick setup for Google Docs

Sunday, November 23rd, 2008

In order to fully utilize the concept of collaboration you need an excellent tool. I have set up Google Docs for my family. It enables my children to be able to create documents online, save them, then retrieve them any where they have Internet access. You should take the time to set up Google Docs to truly appreciate the terms: online collaboration, web-based applications, and cloud computing. You will definitely be seeing more of these terms in the near future and for some time to come.

  1. You will need a domain name. You can visit Google’s site to obtain a domain name or you can visit:

    125x125 Hosting and Servers at
  2.  If you decided to obtain a domain name from Godaddy, you will be provided with a complimentary hosting plan. The complementary hosting plan is perfect for what we need to do in order to set up Google Docs.
  3. Setting up the Google Docs is very easy on the Google side of the equation, I want to show you a little short cut so you can redirect you and your family to your Google Docs account. So, once you have set up your domain name and have your account you are ready to proceed.
  4. Log into your Godaddy account and select the “Hosting” option. There you will see the account you have just set up for free hosting. It is important that you place this account on its own hosting plan, because we will be performing some DNS and Apache work which you do not want to effect another account.
  5. Select the “Manage Account” option. Next you want to expand the “Settings” section and select “DNS Manager.”
  6. Under “DNS Manager” you want to select “Add New CNAME Record.” At this time you will have a pop-up open. You want to create the cname “docs” and point it to: Once you have created the cname it may take up to one hour to propagate.
  7. While we are waiting for the cname to propagate, we are going to create a directory under our domain called “docs.”
  8. The directory “docs” will only contain one file, “index.html”. In the HTML file will be the following:Note: you will need to replace the quotation marks with “<” and “>” for the HTML to work.
    META HTTP-EQUIV=”Refresh” Content=”1; URL= domain”
    ” p This page will forward to our google page in one second.
    “Please update your links.”
  9. When everything is set up properly, you should be able to type into your web browser: http://docs.your domain and be able to view your Google Docs page.

I hope this small tip will be able to help you further your advancement into web-based collaboration. Any questions please feel free to email me at: Remember to be patient and take a step forward every day.

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Web-based Applications

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

Web-based Applications can truly enhance your web site. However, many web site developers fall in love with an operating system specific script and lose many potential customers. Writing code with Visual Basic is great if your customers are all using Internet Explorer, but customers using other web browsers will not be able to use your site.

Why would developers use operating system specific scripting? I have three reasons: laziness (Windows provides many GUIs for developing web sites), do not know about proper web site development and browser compatibility (No formal classes on web site development and the web sites they have create are copy and paste), are totally convinced that it is a Microsoft World.

Items one and three there is very little we can do for those web site developers, but the organizations they work for should be aware of the limitations of operating system specific scripting. For the second reason there is hope. Web site developers should concentrate on the basics of web page design. A good reference is The World Wide Web Consortium will provide the basics for universally supported scripting languages.

Use server-side scripting when data transformation is required. Do not overlook the power of HTML, XHTML, WAP, Perl, and PHP. If I am developing a web site I use free-hand as opposed to the applications that are available today. The reason is that free-hand enables me to tweak the application and know where to go to troubleshoot that application or web site. Simple is better in regard to web site design. Do not make customers wait to download fancy graphics or they will find another site to conduct business.

Mike Kniaziewicz, MIS