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Web site scripting for future concerns and ebusiness

Sunday, July 5th, 2009

Web Scripting is used to add another dimension to web pages and sites. Basic tags, like <table> are not considered scripting, but HTML or how to display the content. Scripting involves a set of instructions that react to user requests or actions, scripting creates the content. A common scripting language for web pages is JavaScript or J-script for Microsoft. Scripting languages can be client and server side, client side, or server side. Resources and web site continuity will determine the correct side to place the script.

Resources should be considered when determining the location of a scripting language. Does the processor have enough power to process hundreds of requests for web site content simultaneously? Do client web browsers and personal computers (PCs) have support for the scripting language? Some web browsers have JavaScript disabled due to virus concerns and older web browser do not provide support for many scripting languages. Server side scripting relies upon the organization’s server resources.

Server side scripting will ensure the web site contains accurate information. Using scripting languages like Perl and PHP, the customer views updated web site content. When prices are changed in the pricing database, the organization does not need to rely upon the customer to refresh the web browser to view the new pricing. Once the price changes are made, the next time the customer clicks on the page the new prices are in place. Server side scripting if very flexible and only needs to be updated in one location for the changes to take effect across the entire web site.

E-business Juncture aids in determining current organizational resources and leveraging the resources to full capacity. Many PCs have the processing power of older servers; so hosting your web site locally has become reality. However, if you were expecting high volume, the wiser solution would be to rent a hosting service.

E-business Juncture provides for asset management as well as future growth concerns. What would be the preferred scripting language, if any, for your organization’s content? Would it be wiser to seek a web site hosting service, so more customers can view your content?