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Nagios: What software has to do with ecommerce

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

You may be wondering what software, like Nagios has to do with ecommerce. Well, to be quite honest, everything. You need to be able to monitor remote assets that keep your business going and do so at reduced costs.

Nagios will enable you to save and also make money for your organization. Nagios isĀ  open source software that is highly customizable to your organizational concerns. In addition you can now monitor entire processes and create diagrams of those processes for management to look at during the course of a business cycle.

Nagios also enables your organization to respond to quickly respond to system problems. Take for instance your web store goes down. Where do you start to investigate? Is it the server, web server, database and or network that is causing the outage. With Nagios you will see instantly where the problem is located within your web store process.

I am designing a system for a major retailer. I created a map of the United States showing all the stores in the States they reside. Well, all the stores started going red on the map (red is not good). The support team was able to analyze in moments that a network trunk had gone down and immediately contacted the ISP. How fast would your organization take to find that solution?

Many organizations are reactive. Once they start to receive calls from stores or end users they start to investigate problems. Nagios makes your technical staff pro-active. When was the last time your technical staff called a store to tell them they are having register problems or a time clock is not working?

Software has everything to do with ecommerce. Nagios is open source software that can be configured to make your technical support pro-active, so you can fix the small issues before they cost your organization large amounts of capital. For more information on Nagios please visit our tech site: Can your organization afford to be reactive in this economy?

Mike Kniaziewicz, MIS