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Inexpensive web site hosting for e-business success both now and in the future

Sunday, July 5th, 2009

The most important decision you will make in regard to e-business is hosting. Your hosting plan needs to be expandable, secure, and inexpensive. We have found that Jamida has provided us with all these features and more. We are able to host blogs, content management systems, web stores, and mobile web sites under the same hosting plan. We even set up Google Apps for a family with the purchase of a domain name.

Domain name registration is easy and secure. Jamida also provides easy installation and support of the software on our web sites. Check out Jamida at: Jamida’s Home Page.

Another major domain registar is “” Who also offers all the services a startup e-business requires to become profitable. Remember there are several steps you are required to make in order to become successful:

  1. Have a marketable idea.
  2. Obtain a registered domain name.
  3. Find a host for your web site.
  4. Be able to deploy and make changes easily and quickly to your web site.
  5. Not spend all your profits maintaining your web site.
  6. Obtain answers to your questions about hosting.

We have worked with “” in the past and have experienced a low cost hosting service that provides excellent support. E-Business Juncture LLC has the technical ability to host our own web site; however, the costs we would incur do not warrant the expense. Let’s take a look at what we mean by expenses:

  1. Price of Server: In order to maintain a reliable web site on your premises you would have to pay for a reliable server with a service plan. Remember down-time is money. (Appx. cost: $2,500)
  2. Price of Bandwidth: If you think you can support a web site using simple DSL, think again. Many people do not realize it is not the downstream that matters, but the upstream in regard to web site hosting. Your upstream is the bandwidth your web site viewers have to download your web page into his or her web browser. (Appx. cost: $50 per month)
  3. Electrical and Environmental Considerations: Think again is you feel you can run a server on your home or appartment’s electricity. Many servers require more power than your circuits can provide. In addition you will need to purchase a UPS and a room air conditioner to maintain the humidity and temperature in the room. (Appx. cost: $30 – $50 per month electric)
  4. Security Concerns: You are responsible for your own security of the information on the server. Chances are you will be required to purchase special liability insurance.
  5. SSL Certificate: You will need to purchase a secure socket layer (SSL) certificate and install the certificate if you want to open a web store, because you need to insure the security of customer and payment information.
  6. Your Time: Yes, you will need to spend several hours each week performing maintenance and upgrades. So, instead of concentrating on your e-business you will be burning the midnight oil maintaining your server. Ask yourself this question, “When was the last time you cleaned up the hard drive on your PC or replaced a component?”

“” takes care of all this for you for very reasonable costs. E-Business Juncture LLC currently hosts 12 domain names and web sites (including mobile web sites) under one hosting plan. We have purchased and deployed a SSL certificate to cover up to five domain names. We have also deployed free software provided with the hosting plan, like a web store, blog and content management system. We have also purchased all our products for the next 5 years.

All this and more cost us the price of bandwidth for one year!!