Poor E-Commerce Service

I am very dissatisfied with Sears Service Center. I placed an online order this morning at 07:30 AM EST for an oven repair. I also received an email confirmation that a technician would be out between 8 AM and 5 PM on 5/9. Well, I recieved no callback and no technician.

I called customer service four times today to check on the status. Three times the person on the other end told me I would get a callback from the repair service center in regard to my appointment. The third person told me they would call back in five minutes. NO CALLBACK!

Now, I spent my entire day – 9 hours – waiting around for a repairperson that never came to my house. If I were smarter I should have called another company to have the oven repaired after the first time I did not receive a callback. Now, I have to go through the weekend with a broken oven due to your incompetence.

I will never use Sears or Kmart again for service. Next time you seek bankruptcy protection remember this complaint.

Mike Kniaziewicz

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