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What is all the tweeting about twitter and how will it help your profitable business?

Saturday, June 13th, 2009

“US online retail reached $175 billion in 2007 and is projected to grow to $335 billion by 2012. Business-to-consumer (B2C) eCommerce continues its double-digit year-over-year growth rate, in part because sales are shifting away from stores and in part because online shoppers are less sensitive to adverse economic conditions than the average US consumer.” (Mulpuru, S., 2008, Forrester’

Twitter is a social networking web application. The application can be accessed via any electronic device that incorporates a web browser. Another method for accessing Twitter is via SMS (short messaging service). You can set up an account with Twitter at: However, how will creating an account benefit your business?

  1. Link Backs: Twitter will provide you a link-back to your e-commerce web site. This will increase your Google site ranking.
  2. Advertising: The twitter application on allows publishing of up to 140 words at a time. Can you describe your product or service and include a URL with 140 words or less? I hope you can.
  3. Social Networking: Do not think of social networking as a group of people engaging in idol chat. You need to view it as a method for your customers and vendors to contact your business and vice-versa.
  4. Customer Service: Twitter provides your customers another method for contacting your business.
  5. Future Sales: Talk to most teenagers today and they will tell you how to use SMS. When these teenagers become adults, they will use the methods most comfortable when making purchases. What generation do you think is driving Internet sales? I can assure you it is the generation using Social Networking and SMS.

Hope this provides a better understanding of how Twitter can be used to benefit your business.

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Saturday, June 13th, 2009

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