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Your Kiosk for Profit (Part 1)

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

Does the word or concept of a “kiosk” frighten you? You should view it as your friend. Many organizations, especially small businesses do not understand the concept and lose many sales. I guess at this point I should explain what a kiosk is and how it relates to profits.

A kiosk is nothing more than a computer your customers can use to view and order products. Now, I am not talking about going out and purchasing a few thousand dollars worth of computer equipment. As a matter of fact, all you need is an old computer, monitor, mouse and keyboard to create a kiosk. Remember, the only application you need running on a kiosk is a web browsers.

Now, the fun part, making profits. Making profits is the easiest part of this scenario. Say a customer comes to the counter and asks if you have an item? What you would do at that time, is click on one of your affiliate marketing partners and submit the order for the customer. What have you done?

  1. You satisfied a customer’s requirements and gained a long term customer because of your extended resources.
  2. Made a commission through the use of another vendor’s resources.
  3. Saved yourself money on inventory that someone else is carrying.
  4. Reused an old PC that you thought was worthless.

The four examples above are just the start of what you are gaining by implementing a kiosk. In order to prove my theory and show how slow thinking many retailers are today, just go into any major retailer and ask to see their kiosk. Chances are very high the associate will look at you kind of weird. However, you should return the favor.

Major retailers have conditioned customers to come into their stores, search for what they really want and settle for something less if it is not in stock. When a retailer does not have an item in stock, that generally means not in the store. How about their warehouse? Now, you being the smart business person and knowing what a kiosk is and how it can benefit your business, will be able to satisfy your customers and promote return business.

Mikhail Kniaziewicz, MIS

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