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What is an ebusiness card?

Sunday, August 10th, 2008

When I was talking to a merchant the other day, I asked if he or she had an ebusiness card. The response was “yes, I have a business card.” Our ensuing conversation led me to believe there is some misconceptions of what constitutes and ebusiness card. The obvious is that a business card is a 2” x 3” card that needs to be physically distributed to your customers, while an e-business card is one page on a web site that customers and potential customers can go to find information on your business. The amount of information and the availability of that information is where business cards and e-business cards part.

A business card generally only contains the business name, contact name and information, and possibly a logo. The issuer is required to carry a supply with him or her, so in the event they meet up with someone interested in their service or product they can present them with the card. The recipient is then required to email or call the phone number on the card to request more information or business hours.

On the other hand an e-business card provides a complete overview of the business, leaving very little doubt in the consumers mind as to their desire for your product. E-business cards are also accessible from any place the customer has access to the Internet. The e-business card is one page, so the customer only needs to be able to scroll to find information about your organization.

I feel the most important aspect of an e-business card is expandability. With an e-business card you can expand your organization to a global status and provide web-based applications for your employees. Don’t think you need web-based applications, think again. Say you are on vacation and need to check your appointment schedule for when you return. A web-based calendar can be viewed from anywhere you have access to the Internet.

Just think, with an e-business card you could potentially never have to sit behind your desk. You could be at a work site and also take care of pressing matters at the office, like approving contracts or getting your next appointment. Try getting that from you business card!

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Mike Kniaziewicz, MIS

E-Business Cards for under $50

Saturday, August 2nd, 2008

E-Business Juncture LLC trademark is “Traditional Business Model Meets E-Commerce.” Our goal is to provide every business with an e-business card and every person with a web page on the Internet. So, whether you are looking to post your resume, an e-business card, memorial page, or just a greeting a web page will give you global exposer.

Many organizations would charge over $100 per-hour to develop the page in addition to another $40 per-month for hosting your page on their site.  .We do it all for the amazing price of $49.99 per-year!! That is an astronomical savings of $530.00 PER YEAR!!

Why do I need a web page? The answer is globalism. We need to remember that not only can others view our information, but we also have access to our information via the Internet. Imagine, no more loosing your resume or having to sending your pictures of special events to love ones in other locations. Businesses are able to advertise their location and services not only to the local community, but also to other businesses and customers elsewhere.

To obtain your personalized access to the Internet or more information on how and what you can do with your new found freedom, fill out our secure form at: or email me at .