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Profitable Ebusiness: Do not be another case for the government

Sunday, January 4th, 2009

I have been writing and saying it for the longest time, “profitable ebusiness takes time,” which is very similar to a profitable business of any form. You need to build an Internet presence before making any “real” money. Building your business is not difficult and you do not have to be a programmer or Internet genius.

Few people making money on the Internet are programmers or geniuses. They are people who have a good idea and a vision. I posted a blog article back in July of 2008, “Hobbies make money and are fun” along with other articles on how to make the Internet profitable for the average person. These articles hold true today.

Profitable Ebusiness dotCOM and E-Business Juncture dotCOM contained many articles for you to consider when starting your ebusiness. We have also expanded to E-Business Juncture dotMOBI so you can read articles from the comfort of your mobile device while commuting. SLOW STEADY GROWTH is the answer.

Remember, regardless of what business you start on the Internet you will need hosting. The difference between many hosting plans is the software they offer. The software is free and the hosting organization has simple “click-click-click” methods to set up the software. So, start your own ebusiness and leave the get-rich quick schemes alone.

Take the time to read the article on the web sites mentioned. However, make sure you have a pen and paper or a document writer open in order to take notes. You spent your entire life surviving and you are probably resolute about what you want to do in regard to the Internet. So, what is a couple more months?

Read all the fine print. Especially for online businesses that require monthly fees. I have always stated that if these plans are so profitable why don’t they take your monthly fees from your earnings? Why should you pay a monthly fee to an organization that guarantees they will procure a $10,000 government grant for you? It would seem more profitable to take a 10% or 15% finders fee to me.

Enjoy and shoot me off some email on my comments page and I will answer any questions you might have in regard to ebusiness. We also offer other products to get you started with your Internet business.

Mike Kniaziewicz

Hobbies make money and are fun.

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

Do you have a hobby or something you enjoy doing in your spare time? Well, many people have generated extra income through their pass-time fun. You like fishing? What about a first-hand account of the type of fish in your favorite fishing spot and how you catch them? Like to weave baskets? How about offering your product online?

Many people think online businesses are hard to create and manage. That is the furthest from the truth. What others do not want you to know is that you can create an online business merchandising your hobby or spare time activities. All you need is a little insight to how the game is played.

E-Business Juncture is there to help. Creating the web site is very easy, since the web site is based around your passion. You can place your product on sites like ebay and maintain a full inventory on your own web store. That method enables you to place your best sellers on ebay and market your entire collection on your web site.

Many people have become disheartened by the online pyramid schemes and so have search engines. Having your own web site and adding your own content will enable you to turn your hobby into extra cash. Online businesses take time, that is why marketing hobby related products is the best way to build your online business. 

Your hobby never gets old, so your web site will never become a burden to maintain.

Mike Kniaziewicz, MIS