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E-Business Juncture LLC Logo Many organizations charge over $100 per-hour to develop a web page in addition to another $40 per-month for hosting your page on their site. We do it all for the amazing price of $49.99 per-year!! That is an astronomical savings of $540.00 PER YEAR!!

What you get:

  1. Personalized web page consisting of an e-business card, resume, greetings, or memorial.
  2. FREE hosting of the page with your choice of sub-domain name
  3. FREE page modifications for the first year.
  4. FREE CD with your page and contents mailed to you.
  5. FREE HTML and CSS certification, which means your web page will be viewed as you intended it to be viewed in any compliant web browser, like Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox and Opera.
  6. FREE web page modifications for 1 year.
  7. No domain name, no problem! We can obtain one for you for an additional $10 per year. The free hosting plan will include 10 GB of free space.
  8. You will be able to review your page on a sub-domain and you pay nothing until the page is to your liking!
  9. You can elect to donate $1 to each of the following organizations:perl.org, w3c.org, joomla.org, linux.org, wordpress.org

If you feel this offer is to good to be true, you would be mistaken. If you do not want the page hosted, we will create the page for a 1 time fee of $49.99. You will still receive the web page on a CD mailed to you and you can apply the page to your own web hosting plan.

All our web pages are well documented and modularized so you will know where to add your own content. This is important for people and organizations that know they want to participate in e-commerce, but are not sure about the extent of their participation at this time.

All our web pages and web sites are customed created. Most organizations only offer a few templates to choose from for your site. We create custom web sites, because our customers (notice the word custom) are unique and have special requirements. We will not treat you like a number, but as a unique person and or organization.

We are the only organization that will create your web page first. We create the page to your liking before any monetary transactions occur. We request you use our order form only if you are serious about having an ebusiness card created. We do not spam the public with our offer, because if you are reading this page it is because you are serious about taking on the challenges of e-commerce.

Remember, we only do custom work with the materials you provide. Here is a snapshot of a page we created with only the customer's address, several photos and a print add:

Above the fold picture

Above the Fold

Below the fold picture

Below the Fold

You can also visit the web site at: Kirst Bros. Roofing

We also have web sites that are utilizing web hosting plans that provide you with free hosting when you purchase a domain name from them. We recommend Jamida. A sample can be found at: Unlimited Roofing. The add placed by the hosting company will not effect our finished product. The reason is that we do not embed our HTML within DIV tags with positions. That would result in a web page that is all over the place and not uniform. We create web pages and web sites so they can be deployed any where.

Order now at: Personalized Web Page!!

Legal Notice

  • In order for this offer to be valid you will need to fully complete the application form located at our secure page: Personalized Web Page.
  • You will need to email any graphics to E-Business Juncture LLC. Your graphics will only be used for your personalized web page and not for advertisements. Instructions for email or mailing your pictures will be provided upon completion of the order form.
  • After payment has been received you are free to publish your personalized page where you would like with the CD sent to you.
  • Do not copy and paste the non-purchased code to another location as that would be a violation of copyright laws.
  • At this time the web page offer consists of your page in English.
  • This page does not include setting up affiliate links or GoogleAds. Please inquire about special pricing for those items.

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