Knowledge is power!! Many times we will require knowledge of present procedures to better formulate our future advancement. We can search the Internet for the answer and judge the authenticity of the author on our own; however, this generally requires hours of searching for the correct answer. You also need to consider web sites that have the information you are looking for but are not part of your returned search query.

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Once you have acquired what you consider to be the answer, now you need to either bookmark the URL, which leads to a cataloging nightmare or try to remember where you found the information. A simple solution to your questions is books. Remember, the more we progress with technology the more we grasp past practices.

Technology can be confusing and at times intimidating and frustrating. Having spent quite a few years with information technology, I can personally vouch for shutting down the computer at the end of the day. People have asked me what would be a good part time job and I am quick to shoot back, “One that is furthest from you full time job!” Well, the same holds true for research.

I have found it beneficial to use books as a source of reference. Why? Because you can take a book anywhere to read and not worry about getting sound in the keyboard or your hard drive not working. Books are also relevant for many years. Just look around you to see the many books you already posses. You can see some of the books I use by viewing my introduction at: E-Business Juncture LLC.

Here are some fine online stores that will help you regain your sanity in an ever changing information technology and ebusiness World:

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