We understand what it is like to get unsolicited phone calls and emails, so we do not provide your personal information to anyone else!

E-Business Juncture was formed to help the small business or individual who wants to form a small business get started the correct way. Patiently starting and growing your business insures you will not become overwhelmed by your business. Many small businesses and individuals start out with good intents and valid reasons for forming the business; however, after a period of time of paying out expenses without seeing a ROI (return on investment) your interest and drive start to fade

E-Business Juncture will provide you with the information needed to successfully start and maintain your business. Yes, there will always be a cost associated with generating revenue. E-Business Juncture understands many small businesses do not have endless resources for consultations, so we eliminate the overhead of larger organizations to keep your cost down.

Unlike many of our competitors, E-Business Juncture will not keep you guessing about what costs are associated with our products. We believe the best policy is up-front pricing.

We perform in-home computer work for the following zip codes: 19020, 19021, 19047, 19053, 19054, 19055, 19056, 19057, and 19067. All work will be performed during evening hours at this time, due to the availability of the customer. Day time appointments can be arraigned.

  • Our base rate is 40USD per hour except for stated package deals. We also do not learn at your expense! If we need to perform research the time is on US and not you. You will not find a better price from any other insured company. Below is some of our package deals and feel free to contact us on our secure page:E-Business Jucture LLC
    1. Personal Computer Optimization within the above zipcodes .................. 40 USD and 20 USD per additional Personal Computer.
    2. E-business cards ................ 40 USD
      Please fill out the form at: E-Business Cards
  • Break free from viruses, spyware, and expensive software costs with Linux. Most flavors of Linux do not require extravagant hardware configurations or bus speeds to work, so put that old personal computer (not supported by newer operating systems) back into service with Linux........Prices vary per service required
    1. Help with various Linux flavor setups to include email, web browser, and office suite setup
    2. Many flavors of Linux can be installed on a personal computer to create a "dual boot" system. This way you can enjoy working with two operating systems to acquire the strengths of each operating system.
    3. Most Linux software is free, so all you will pay for is the knowledge to set the operating system up with your favorite applications
    Note: We will be providing gift certificates shortly, so that you can purchase a specific number of "help" issues for you or a loved one.

  • Show your family and or business off to the World with a customized 5 page web site..........$49.99
    1. Five Customized Web Pages including Home Page, Product Page, Location, Pricing or Menu Page, and a Contact Page.
    2. Domain name registration for 1 year NOTE: Not all ".com" names have been taken; however, you may need to consider alternatives to what you are initially seeking
    3. Three months of hosting
    4. The option to extend hosting for only $5 each additional month
    5. Monthly news letter from E-Business Juncture FREE
    Note: We do not create web stores because there are already to many designs on the market today and they need to be tied into the credit card companies through the hosting service. However, if you would like a web store we can make arraingments through the site hosting company. Customers will receive a copy of their unpublished web site prior to publication. The customer will also receive all information in regard to where their site is being hosted.

  • Nagios: Nagios is the industry leader in open source host and service monitoring and notifications. We will provide a free analysis of how Nagios can benefit your organization. We also provide answers to your questions in regard to the Nagios system. You can examine our technical blog to find your answers free of charge. Here is a breakdown of our pricing:
    1. 40 USD per hour to develop a custom solution for your enterprise
    2. 25 USD per question. We will provide you with a full analysis of the question and not just a 'yes' or 'no' answer.
    3. For other pricing considerations please use our contact page at: E-Business Juncture LLC

  • Let me put my education and experience to work for you with the following customized reports:
    1. E-Business Overview of Your Business......................................$56.99
      • How to make your web site work while you sleep
      • Expanding your business for World Wide Customers
      • FREE: Business logo idea
    2. Disaster Recovery Overview for Your Business.........................$56.99
    3. Business Procedures and Forms
      • Sample Procedures like documentation and inventory control
      • Basic forms like receipt and contractor
    4. Step-by-Step Process of Setting Up Your Own E-Business.....$47.98
      • FREE: Business logo idea

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