Advancements in technology, organizational cultural diversity, and trade agreements have resulted in the globalization of once localized economies. Large and small organizations need to be able to meet the challenges of changing economies. Regardless of the business model,economic globalization will add value to the organization if you understand the methods required to harness the additional value presented through e-business juncture. Every organization needs e-business juncture.

What is e-business juncture? E-business juncture is the point at which traditional business methods are enhanced with e-business solutions. E-business juncture is used every day; however, many times people and organizations do not even realize they are engaged in e-business juncture. Many people pay bills and or order products online from businesses that also sponsor traditional business fronts. Industry sector leaders have already seen and implemented e-business juncture to take advantage of economic globalization.

A business model that has successfully employed e-business juncture is banking. Direct deposit and money transfers are a couple of examples of e-business juncture, because the bank has provided the service to absorb a client base that was not previously available to the sector. The banking industry is now capable of addressing the requirements of its customers globally due to e-business juncture.

Obtaining e-business juncture for any business model is not a daunting task, but does require proper planning. Proper planning will save the organization thousands of dollars in wasted resources. Proper planning will also bring your organization to e-business juncture as quickly as possible, because wasted time is lost value. This web site will briefly explain how to reach e-business juncture quickly while maintaining the organization's value standards. I am also available for consultation and can be reached through my contact information.

Enjoy the How To section below. We are trying to be as helpful as posible to the end user community in the support of projects. If you would like any How Tos posted on this site, please send us email and we will see what can be accomplished. All the documentation herein relates to E-Business Juncture LLC experiences and may not be the prefered method to accomplish the task, but it worked under the circumstances. Also visit our blog and Profitable EbusinessAPA reference format is: Kniaziewicz,M., (2008). Title of Paper. Retrieved Current Date from URL.

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